About Us


Sarah and Brendon recently opened The Oystercatcher store in the village square at the heart of the bustling village of Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth and the beautiful Helford River.

A love and passion for design, interiors, accessories and art led to their first purpose-built store in the unique walled garden of their busy tearoom, by the sea in Devon, in 2014.

Oystercatchers were always close by on the beach outside their store in Devon and, after relocating to Cornwall in 2019, oystercatchers can still be found along the coast surrounding the new store.

With a background in design, they are constantly seeking to bring you inspired collections from around the world - with an emphasis on the South West and Cornwall in particular - while working closely with local artisans to produce exclusive, in-house designs.

Here is an introduction to their shop. The Oystercatcher hopes to bring you the very best in personally selected goods.